Wayne Twitchen, Osteopath

My approach to Osteopathy has been influenced by a considerable amount of life experience gained before I embarked on my five-year training to become an Osteopath.


From engineering to printing, studying Exercise & Health at university to personal training, I’ve done a bit of everything. And that gives me a distinct advantage as an osteopath as it means I have experienced first-hand the daily strains people describe to me so completely understand what you are going through.


It’s why my aim is not only to help you get better, but also to explain how to adapt or exercise to improve your conditions.

You are your best healer

And there is one Osteopathic principle I particularly admire: The body has the ability to heal itself.


In short, Osteopathic treatment is greatly aided by your own ability to look after yourself.  This could be via rehabilitative exercises, lifestyle changes or subtle changes in your diet or daily activities.  Arguably, you are your best healer.


And above all try not to think harder but think smarter. It might be a cliché, but it works as change is often achieved and sustained via small, consistent actions.


As one of my patients put it, my work as an Osteopath acted as a ‘re-boot’, with my initial treatments and their continuing exercise helping them achieve a largely pain free lifestyle.


In other words, start thinking of exercise and sensible diet, as ‘Free Medicine’. 


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